2019 Laurens Christmas Parade

Fun for all ages, the Laurens Christmas Parade welcomes the Christmas Holiday season the first Saturday of December each year. As a night parade, the entries will be displaying their best Christmas lights as they make their way down historic West Main and around the Square. The year's theme is "Christmas Traditions".

Parade Rules and Information

2019 Main Street Laurens Parade Theme:
“Christmas Traditions”

Below you will find a link to the 2019 Christmas parade application. This event is put on by Main Street Laurens. In order to provide a safe and well-organized parade, Main Street Laurens has set forth and strictly adheres to the general rules for the parade which you can read on the first two pages of the application. Please note a few VERY important notes below!

No entry may feature a live or life-size Santa Claus.

All participants (unit members, escorts, staff, etc.) must be in some type of uniform, holiday dress or color coordinated attire.

All entries MUST include holiday lighting of some variety.

It is unlawful to throw ANYTHING from any moving entry, including candy. This rule must and will be enforced for the safety of small children who might be tempted run out into the street. Any participant caught throwing candy from their entry will be immediately removed from the parade and disqualified. NOTE: You may have walkers with your float to hand out candy, items etc to parade attendees, but please do not throw anything.

Any and all music MUST BE themed and family friendly.

All vehicles must be decorated and lighted with holiday lights. INSIDE DOME LIGHTS AND HEADLIGHTS ARE NOT ENOUGH.
Tractors are encouraged as part of the parade, but must be lit with holiday lights and or themed to the parade theme.
All motorized vehicles must be operated by a licensed driver 18 years of age or older.

All walkers must be in uniform, holiday dress or color coordinated attire. The dress for walkers, staff or escorts should coordinate with the individual float theme which should be in accordance with the overall parade theme.
Walking units not associated with a float must carry a banner/sign with their organization name at the front of their unit.
Entries must maintain a consistent speed to avoid gaps & prevent accidents. Performances are limited to 45 seconds.
Stationary performances are only allowed for the judges. All other performing should be conducted while moving in a forward motion.
The parade judges will be located in the lawn of First Presbyterian Church.

The parade is a NIGHT PARADE, so each entry MUST HAVE lighting in some form to participate. This does not include headlights or dome lights.
All floats must display a sign/banner with their organization name on BOTH sides of the entry.
Adult supervision is required for any riders under 13 years of age.

A cash prize of $150 and a trophy will be awarded to:
Spirit of Christmas Award (Overall Winner)
Trophies will be awarded in each of the following categories. (1 winner per category)
Commercial Business
Performing Groups (dance groups, cheerleaders, school marching bands, etc.)

Parade Application and Information